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Staying Upfront with Political Public Relations Firms

Using Political Public Relations Firms as a Media Shield

political public relations firms 150x150 Staying Upfront with Political Public Relations FirmsLet’s go back in time a little and look at the last mid-term election period.  The final days before the mid-term election day provided US citizens with a media overload of terrorism reports, rants on government spending, huge rallies, complaints about job growth (or lack thereof) and a myriad of other events that was enough to induce a migraine on the level of poorly-planned political attack ads.  Imagine how candidates must have felt during that time.

It doesn’t really matter how the elections go, the media tends to spin it however they like.  For those of you that are in charge of public relations, the concern is to keep issues in check and the positions of policy as relevant as possible – especially considering the desire of the media to fastidiously report on everything from one-night stands to poor political etiquette.  If you’re not prepared to wield a flaming sword and an olive branch with equal fortitude then it’s best to turn the duties over to political public relations firms that can keep the media at bay.

Supporting your Political Public Relations Firms

Political public relations firms can only do so much, however.  As the candidate in question, you have to make a concerted effort to work with and support your political public relations firms in everything you do.  It’s not rocket science, but it takes some forethought.  Here are 4 tips to enhance your presence with the public (and the media).

Political Public Relations Firms – “There’s a Time and Place for Every Issue”

Even some of the most important issues taking place (like the war overseas) can and will eventually lose political favor.  As the favor rolls away, so too will the value or the currency behind the issue.  Political public relations firms and pros will all tell you that while your policies are vital to your organization and your stakeholders, you can’t take up the spotlight around the clock and attempting to do so is bad form.  Follow the cycles of politics and current events so that you know when you’re no longer “in” and a fresh angle is needed.

Political Public Relations Firms – “Idle Hands Are the Devil’s Playthings”

Don’t waste your prime time trying to refine your publicity tactics and gaining media attention.  You may not be in the spotlight today but your policy could be all the rage tomorrow and the days to follow.  If you’re political public relations firms aren’t going nuts with you in the spotlight then take the opportunity to work on other things such as talking points, your PR strategy, social media outreach, political press releases and reviewing your overall message.

Political Public Relations Firms – “Opponents slinging lemons?  Make lemonade”

Want to talk nightmare encounters for political public relations firms?  Sometimes debates on policy among opponents can break down into little more than a brawl over political turf, so the back and forth between you and your opponents is going to define (potentially) a lot of media floods.  Remember that potential for publicity over a brawl, because no one wins or controls a policy debate by being nice.  When your opponent fumbles, move in and take over – promote your own policy and the strengths of your position.

Political Public Relations Firms – “There’s no I in…”

It’s not all about you and your policy shouldn’t try to live inside of a vacuum.  Think about the other issues that are important when it comes to public relations;  If you’re focusing on the environment then technology (like green technology) is a hot and relevant side issue to discuss.  If there is growing concern over national security then immigration issues also become relevant.  Immigration issues then bring civil rights into question.  Political public relations is critical, and political public relations firms will help you find potential partners on policy issues so you can share and promote your platform to improve your “market share”.

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