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How to Strengthen Your Campaign with Political Fundraisers (Part 2)

Use Volunteers for Political Fundraisers

political fundraisers2 150x150 How to Strengthen Your Campaign with Political Fundraisers (Part 2)Even in a grass roots campaign on a local level, you can’t expect to handle all the donations and political fundraisers on your own.  You can raise some of it but you really need a staff of volunteers if you want to be able to reach all of your potential donors in time.  Student – both high school and college – are great volunteers as they want to pad their resume and show community support to potential employers.  Because of the age group, they’re also excellent supporters as they can more readily and easily engage their own demographic to rally political and financial support while drawing attention to your political fundraisers.

Establish Guidelines for Political Fundraisers

If you’re not the only one seeking donations and you have volunteers or supporters assisting you then you need to establish guidelines for how to approach potential donors.  Every person involved in the fundraising process should be familiar with these guidelines and adhere to them at all times.  Those who solicit donations via the phone need a script as well as a list of who to call.  Tracking should also be in place so that same person doesn’t get called twice.

A door to door campaign should be established with walking areas categorized by demographic and voter/donor support.  Those volunteers going door to door should have sheets and information that allows them to tell potential donors about your policy, position and goals.

Finally, volunteers handling a letter-writing campaign should be working with a list of action points and important bullets for the purposes of conversion to appeal to donors.  Each should be given a template that details what they should write and what to include.

Set up an HQ for your Campaign and Political Fundraisers

It’s important for you to establish a central location from which you run your campaign.  While it can be run out of your home, it’s best to rent an office or large retail space (depending on the size of the campaign).  There’s always the possibility that potential donors can stop in and personally hand over donations to support your campaign.  This location also gives you a central location for volunteers to gather and campaign workers/managers to meet and strategize with little chance for communication interrupts.

Making Personal Contact for Political Fundraisers

You or your campaign manager should take the time to personally contact promising donors – the ones that could potentially offer a significant contribution.  If you know a wealthy individual that could contribute funds or has connections to a group or organization that could do the same, reach out to them on a personal level.  Volunteers can effectively raise funds and small-medium donations but the biggest donations will come from those individuals you personally contact, or through political organizations that want to further their own agenda by aligning themselves with you (and vice versa).

When you’re running political fundraisers throughout your campaign, always take the time to thank supporters – personally if you can do so.  Their support may be needed later, potentially in another election.  If you let them know their support was beneficial and helpful they’re more likely to continue to support your political fundraisers the next time around.

One Response to “How to Strengthen Your Campaign with Political Fundraisers (Part 2)”

  • Volunteers are the lifeblood of any campaign. Without them, think of the cost associated with these activities that you are talking about. There would hardly be any left for direct voter contact.

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